"The wheelchair is excellent. It is very easy to push and control and changing the wheels with the user in 

      situ is easy. PD, UK

"I think this is a great idea and at last, makes a beach wheelchair very affordable."  PK , Lancashire, UK.


" I can't believe how easy it travels along the soft Algarve sand, we will now beable to go to the beach as a whole family. B S,  Algarve, Portugal.


" You get two wheelchairs for the price of one, it's a fantastic concept and I wish I could have had one for my father years ago". M S, Algarve, Portugal.


"The balloon tyres work so well on soft ground and make it such a comfortable ride for the passenger and of course makes access to areas we possible couldn't have imagined going to before. J P, Lancashire,  UK. 


         " Beach Easy Wheelchairs"  (Part of the Caspro-UK group of companies)